Meet our team

We are leading a shift of paradigm.

What drives us

We work on protecting people's digital rights while building a more collaborative and sustainable digital world.

We foster trust and collaboration in the digital world. Our goal is to develop tools providing people with data ownership all together with data safety. We focus on distributed technologies because we believe that they are a better way to build our interactions with each other. For us, decentralization is paving the way to a better balance of power, but also to reducing people and companies vulnerabilities in the digital world.
Who we are

Condensation is governed by the founders of the technology supported by an open and spirited group of people.

Our managing committee.

Our managing committee is mostly based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and welcomes remote members. As a team, we encourage personal initiative and share decision making with who actively participates and brings value to the project.
Thomas Lochmatter

Thomas Lochmatter is the author of CDS,
he is responsible of the core technology.

Communication systems engineer, he holds a PhD in robotics. He started programming in his childhood and has always been intrigued by distributed systems and self-organization. Over the past 10 years, has also been teaching programming, scientific computing, and system security at EPFL.
Alex Mouradian

Alex Mouradian created the first use-cases,
he is responsible of the project development.

Engineer with a background in management, energy systems, and environmental monitoring. He has always been concerned about the development of societies and met Thomas as his programming teacher. Over the past years, he has founded entrepreunarial projects and worked as a digital strategy consultant.
Lou Locci

Lou Locci created first introductions to CDS,
she is responsible of education and training.

Engineer with a background in Bioengineering and deep-learning. She loves to build teams, and explain technical solutions with comprehensive concepts and tutorials. Over the past years, she worked as a data scientist and as a software developer.
Thomas Souksouvanh

Thomas Souksouvanh is making distributed apps,
he is responsible of application developement.

Graduated as a software developer with an entrepreneurial background. He got passionned by the decentralization change from their early days. Over the past years he leaded entrepreneurial projects and worked as technical leader for software development projects.

Our early community.

Condensation is an open project, and started to receive contributions in 2022. We welcome the support from individuals, companies and mentors from the startup ecosystem.
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