Envision your solution

Distribution of data is now in your hands.


We can help you to analyse how CDS can advantage your use-case and to define the requirements for building your solution.

Are you interested in adopting data distribution? We propose to guide you in the analysis of your use-case with the support of engineers and experienced developers.

Defining your success factors.

We analyze with you how managing data with a distributed technology can positively impact your activities and align with the strategic vision of your organization. The solutions you can develop with CDS are focused on the following :
  • Data privacy to reduce security risks,
  • Data certification to enhance trust,
  • Data distribution to scale without limits,
  • Efficient data updates to reduce operating costs.
Learn more about what you can do with CDS by reading our case-studies section.

Specifying your solution's foundations.

We conceptualize your decentralized solution by drawing an architecture diagram and structure of your data in the right schema. In addition, we can advise you on the compatible choices of hardware and/or dependencies to ensure the efficiency and security of your solution. It will give you a clear understanding of how to build your solution and to estimate its budget.

Planning the transformation of your existing solution.

We identify the shortfalls of your existing solution to map which element can get the benefits the most from CDS enablements. Through a roadmap we propose a step-by-step approach to transform your product while ensuring your running operations. We define increments with pragmatic solutions which can be merged with your product.

We can stand as technical experts to support your software developement.

Demonstrate your product feasibility

If entering into the decentralization movement is something new for your organization, we can build a minimal project in a few weeks to demonstrate the technical feasibility of your target solution. Please, find examples in the proof-of-concept section. Moreover, we can provide documentation on request to train your developers on how to build the proof of concept by themselves by using our open-source technology for free.

Develop and maintain your product

We can build an agile project with you to dynamically adapt to your priorities and the opportunities you want to take advantage of. For most complex projects we combine CDS expertizes with development companies’s workforce in order to make your product grow in the long term. We are partnered with best in class development companies in Switzerland.

You believe in the project, but your organization is not there yet? We can work together to raise awareness.

We think that meeting people is the best way to enhance innovation and create a community around a growing technology. Thus, we propose to animate a keynote introductory event to talk in your organization. This talk is followed by an opportunity to join one of our coding challenge to support the concretization of personal ideas.

Talking about tech

We offer to give a keynote presentation in your organisation to raise awareness concerning the benefits of data decentralization. We will explain the drivers of distributed systems adoption, demystify key cryptographic concepts such as Blockchain structures, and finally describe the new capabilities it offers to build a product and to manage an IT infrastructure.
This presentation is built with examples related to your activities and is followed by a Q&A session to elaborate on topics of particular interest to you. At the end of this talk attendees will be able to imagine potential applications in their field.

Coding challenge

We propose to guide developers into the world of cryptography and distributed infrastructures. We offer a creative and challenging tutorial to tackle Blockchain technology and help you discover use cases relevant to your own topics. Sessions are built around explaining concepts and applying them to a technical playground.
This coding challenge can be prepared for different modules for IoT, mobile application or web development. Thus, we offer the opportunity to put in practice a new programming approach to build distibuted solutions.
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