Technical deep-dive

Bridging mutability and immutability.


CDS combine cryptographic primitives and mathematical models to achieve data distribution with conflict-free merge, and end-to-end encryption.

  • SHA-256 hash encryption
  • AES-256 symmetrical encryption
  • RSA-2048 asymetrical encryption
  • Merkle tree blockchain
  • Join-semilattice data merge
Source code

To better understand the implementation, you can review the specifications and the source code in early access.

The Condensation library is the fruit of one mind and reached maturity after a long research period. Many samples of code, notes and documentation were created and we transparently work on simplifying and completing the different ressources.

Read the low level implementation specifications.

The specifications can be found on Low level description is well described and we welcome feedback to complete the documentation.

Review implementations of mature and in progress versions.

We currently have a number of native implementations, both from Thomas and from the community - we believe supporting multiple platforms will be a key success driver.
Java Library
Mature - being packaged
Javascript Library
Low level implementation mature
Typescript Library
Started by community
C++ Library
Command line tools
HTTP Store

Research and forseen developments.

Moreover, we are currently preparing the innovations to maintain our source code and propose specific implementations.
Automatic portability
In progress
Wasm version
In progress
Quantum proof encryption
No ownership storage
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