What is Condensation?

A system made for data trust and ownership.


Condensation meets the restrictive industry standards to start distributing sensitive data with confidence.

A lightweight and open-source code base.

Condensation can be used for commercial purpose without any fees. It is organized in three lightweight modules that can be easily audited. Moreover, its implementation can be customized for specific needs, such as preferred encryption algorithms or pre-defined conflict resolution rules.

Generic enough to build tailored solutions.

Condensation is a distributed data system, i.e. capable of managing a complete data lifecycle with operating in a distributed set-up. It is particularly suited for building distributed applications, such as collaborative document editing tools, IoT/multi-devices apps, end-to-end encrypted messaging apps etc.

Secured with market proven algorithms.

Condensation is a stand-alone tool. It uses cryptographic primitives based on open-source projects continuously challenged by cyber-security communities. The choice of algorithms ensures run time performances that fits common and industrial digital devices or IoTs on the market.

Compliant with regulations.

Condensation is compliant with GDPR and regulations and more. CDS implementation has the particularity to put the "data sensitivity" at the core of the technology, and no longer delegated to complex internal measures.
Guiding principles

Condensation is a flexible and innovative solution to build apps with the guarantee of data ownership.

Connected devices

Managing the data where it is created.

  • CDS allows to process the data locally, i.e directly on the device where it was created or collected.
  • The user keeps access to the data and can process it even when offline, without loosing any work.
  • Only the necessary piece of data is shared with specific recipients of the user's choice (other users, indexing servers etc.).
Secured message

Protecting the data itself from end-to-end.

  • When data is shared, CDS ensures that only the recipient can decrypt and read it on their device.
  • Before being sent, the data is structured in an object that cannot be altered/corrupted.
  • CDS ensure the sender's identity with digital signatures.
Secured database

Storing data anywhere without constraints.

  • CDS allows to store data anywhere - personal device, company servers, cloud services etc.
  • With CDS the data remains encrypted at all time and thus resistant to any storage security breach.
Who benefits from CDS?

CDS makes possible to build collaborative networks connecting people, companies and devices without the need to trust intermediaries.

People using personal and professional apps

CDS started with a statement - individuals and companies should remain the sole owners of their data. This concept of data ownership is made possible by the following capabilities:
  • Protecting my data in order to ensure my privacy.
  • To trust the data I receive, and to make sure that it has not been manipulated.
  • Control where my data is stored.
  • Collaborate on data without intermediaries.
CDS ensures data ownership while being able to interact efficiently with others.

System administrators and IT/Infra managers

CDS secures data by design. It protects infrastructures from compromising data with the following features:
  • The data is managed with remaning encrypted.
  • The data is processed where the data is stored.
  • The infrastructure can be scaled horizontally without limitations.
  • The data is replicated and back-ups are created efficiently.
CDS provides a system to manage data that limits risks coming from infrastructure.

Developers building applications

CDS simplifies the development of distributed applications. It comes with a flexible and easy-to-use document management interface for developers. The core algorithm provides them with the following capabilities :
  • Building encrypted apps without prior cryptography knowledge.
  • Creating apps that can certify and secure the data.
  • Migrating apps from centralizated to distributed architecture.
  • Connecting multiple devices or services using a single protocol.
CDS is a compact and elegant solution for managing data securely in its entire lifecycle.
You may use all contents of this website under the terms of the CC BY 4.0 license, attributing the work to condensation.io. Source code is available under MIT and Apache 2.0 license. Contact us atinfo@condensation.io